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Why Go With Bespoke Stationery Design?

Let’s talk about Bespoke Wedding Stationery So you are having loads of fun planning your wedding, until you realise that it’s time to sort out the invitations. It’s time to spread the word about your big day, but you’ve hit a wall. Faced with endless options and having seen hundreds of different things online and […]

Branding The Business

Branding and building an identity for your business… As a business, I think a focus on branding is a large part of having a solid business identity and having a place in the market. For me, a lot of the brands I like and companies I invest money and time in are those that have […]

Getting To Know Benny And The Bird

Hello there! I’m Ben Fred, the man behind Benny And The Bird. We have recently launched a brand new website so I thought I would use my first blog post as an opportunity to say hello and let you know a bit about me. Benny And The Bird is the end result of years of developing […]