Branding The Business

Branding and building an identity for your business…

As a business, I think a focus on branding is a large part of having a solid business identity and having a place in the market. For me, a lot of the brands I like and companies I invest money and time in are those that have put in the effort to create something unique.

So when it came to deciding upon a name for my business, it was important for me that it would (hopefully) stand out & was something I could be a bit playful with. The starting point was building an idea around the saying “a little bird told me”, which is where ‘The Bird’ part of the name came from. I also wanted something that was linked to myself and was personable. With these two things in mind, Benny And The Bird was born!

Business card and flyer design!

With my business cards, I wanted to give the feel of a friendly welcome and be given a subtle intro to my little bird friend. The aim was to be able to say hello to possible customers with a relaxed and playful greeting to put them at ease.

When the time came for designing my flyers, I continued with the friendly and playful approach. This time I wanted to take it to another level. I wanted customers to feel like they were getting an invite, to chill out, have a look at my work & get to know a little more about me and what I do.

These both act as an introduction to customers and are often the first thing they see that represents me and my business. Hopefully they stand out and do the job well.

I got my business cards at and I was really happy with the quality. Click on the link below to have a look at what they do.
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